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What is a "Truly Small Business" (TSB)?

We define "small business" differently than the U.S. Government - because we too are a truly small business. We define "small business" as perhaps one person with a dream, and maybe even another full-time job, that hopes to grow their dream or a retail or service company with a couple of employees and a unique product to take to market. Our ideal clients are generally "self-funded" and want to grow organically - we are not well suited for companies that are seeking venture capital or large bank loans. however, we can connect you to companies that are!

Our goal as your small business advisor is to bridge the gap between the sales hype and your needs. We want to help you review opportunities so that you can make the right decisions on software, location, marketing strategy, advertising budgets, product distribution channels, other consulting solutions and business advisors and many more aspects that start up entrepreneurs are often unaware they even need to consider. We are not afraid to tell you there is someone better to work with if we do not feel we are your best choice for some aspects of your business needs.

Coburn Enterprises, formerly known as SiteBuilder Now, is a web development and small business consulting firm that offers web hosting as a convenience to insure that our clients have the best resources available to meet their web hosting needs. We are a company focused on truly small business entities (TSBs) with limited start-up budgets. Our company was founded in 2001, as "SiteBuilder Now", with an eye toward providing cost competitive solutions for truly small businesses to get an online presence. Originally we simply provided "do it yourself" website - building software.

We still offer do it yourself website building tools at - but our core service is helping truly small businesses navigate the choices and decisions that they need to make when they consider solutions for starting and growing their small business.

We help Truly Small Businesses:

  • review website development and design options
  • determine whether or not an online store (E-Commerce) is a good choice
  • explore which electronic payment methods and merchant service solutions will best meet their needs
  • create a strategic plan for starting and running their business including but not limited to their website marketing strategies.

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