These clients are using our Better Website Do It Yourself Website Building tools. Some of our "Do It Yoursel-ers" hired us do the initial design of their website using our Build Your Own Website Tools  to achieve a truly custom look and feel before taking over the full management of their website. Others have built their entire website without any assistance for us outside of our online tutorials. Although we no longer offer custom designs using these Build Your Own Website tools, we continue to support the product because, if you follow the guidelines in our tutorials and use the tools to their fullest, you can create a highly successful search engine friendly website yourself without knowing any HTML. If you are a more advanced user you can add PayPal Buy Now buttons, integrate Google Analytics and much more by using site add-ons and the "custom html" tool.

Although any "templated" website will have some limitations, our do it yourself clients tell us that the money they save, and the control they have over maintaining their website and keeping content fresh, is worth the sacrifice.

If you are comfortable creating Microsof Word or Publisher documents you will probably enjoy building your own website using the our Better Website Builders Tool Box. Get a 30 day free trial of our Do It Yourself Website Builder.

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