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HipaaShare IT Solutions

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Hipaa/HiTech Compliance Consulting
HipaaShare Cloud
IT Support / Consulting
Simply Compliant File Sharing
Hosted Exchange w/Remote Desktop Support
IT Support
Remote Desktop Support With AntiVirus
HipaaShare Sharefile Solutions
Hipaa/HiTech Compliance Consulting
$500.00 USD
Working with health care facilities to implement and monitor compliance solutions.
HipaaShare Cloud
Starting from
$0.00 USD
Secure Exchange Mail ($10.00 per user per month)
  • Hosted on an Exchange Server for Multi-Device Email and Calendar Sync, Calendar Sharing and all of the other benefits of an Exchange Mailbox
  • ActiveSync Mobility (up to 5 devices/user)
  • Active Directory Sync - ADSync (for all users in org.)
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Public Folders
  • Inbound and Outbound filtering (spam protection)
  • On Demand Encryption/Outlook Plugin**
  • 30 days of mail archiving (inbound / outbound)
  • Continuity

**Outlook is not required for On Demand Encryption to work - only if you want to use the Outlook Plugin for "click to encrypt" functions.
Optional Upgrades (Recurring)

  • Compliant Email Archiving $2.50 per user per month (all users on a domain must be included)
  • Cloud Based Compliant Share Drive (HipaaShare - ShareFile) $15.00 per user per month

  • Compliant Electronic Fax (vFax) up to 10000 pages per month (inbound and outbound combined) $20.00 per month per user

  • Remote Desktop Support with Webroot AntiVirus $12.00 per user per month

Managed Migration Support @ $100.00 per user (one time fee). We will remote into each users' PC and handle the full migration including backing up old mailboxes and Auto Complete stores, Creating the new Mailbox Profile, importing the old mail and restoring AutoComplete.
Prefer to handle your own migrations? We recommend BitTitan.
For $25.00 per user (onetime fee) we will purchase your licenses and set up your project for you. This option is good for Exchange to Exchange, IMAP to Exchange or IMAP to IMAP migrations only. We will create a project and set up your source and destination servers, Add the user and verify their credentials (connectivity to Source and Destination servers). Run the Pre-Stage and Final Stage Migrations for you and deploy a profile configuration tool that you can run on each users' workstation to complete the migration. Please note that IMAP to IMAP and IMAP to exchange will ONLY migrate mailbox items. Address books, Calendars and AutoComplete files may be lost.
IT Support / Consulting
$0.00 USD
Hourly IT support and / or consulting.
Simply Compliant File Sharing
Starting from
$30.00 USD
It's simple
  • Unlimited users

  • You just pay $30.00 per month which includes up to 20GB of storage. We will calculate your storage use daily. When you exceed your current level of usage our system will automatically upgrade your account to the next level. For example, if your storage reaches 20.1GB your account will automatically upgrade to 30GB.

Secure and Compliant
  • HIPAA-compliant Security

  • Streaming Encryption

  • Simple Document Exchange

  • Secure Document Exchange

  • Automatic Auditing & Versioning

  • Compliant Disaster & Recovery Offsite Backup

  • BAA available

included with every account
  • Unlimited Users and Groups

  • Individual Access URL (

  • Access Control

  • Public Links

  • Create a Personal Drop Zone (allow unregistered users to easily send you files)

  • No Storage Limits

  • 11 Nines Durability

Our monthly pricing is all-inclusive.
No per-user charges, no add-ons, no bandwidth fees, no extras. You are just billed for the space you use.
Hosted Exchange w/Remote Desktop Support
$25.95 USD
Telephone and remote desktop support plus hosted exchange mailbox
IT Support
$8.00 USD
Remote Desktop Support for non-mailbox users
Remote Desktop Support With AntiVirus
$12.00 USD
Remote Desktop Support with WebRoot Anti-virus
HipaaShare Sharefile Solutions
$15.00 USD
Support and Management for ShareFile Cloud based Compliant Share Drive Solutions

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