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How to create an email alias for a user (Exchange 2013)

How to create an email alias for a user (Exchange 2013)

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    How to create an email alias for a user (Exchange 2013).
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    Note: You may have as many email aliases as you wish. All emails sent to your aliases will then be forwarded to your authentic email address. To check the inbox status of your aliases, you must check your authentic inbox email account.
    Note: If the alias address requires a different domain name, you must first create a domain alias. To do so, please refer to the FAQ How to create a domain alias.


    1. Log into the 2013 Control Panel.


    2. Select the user for whom you wish to create an email alias.



    3. Click on Edit, located in the Mailbox section under Tasks.




    4. If there is no blank field left in the Aliases table, click on Add alias.




    5. Enter the new email alias, select the desired domain and then click on Save.



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