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How to Share Outlook Folders (Exchange 2010 or 2013)

How to share Outlook folders (Exchange 2010 or 2013)

  • Synopsis

    This guide will show you how to let others see your Outlook folders.
  • How to

    Note: You may want to allow others on your Exchange hosting account to see things in your Outlook folders. You can control access to things like your Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, etc.
    IMPORTANT: This FAQ only shows how to give partial access to someone's folder. If you want someone to simply view, for example, your Calendar and then only to be able to view or change appointments and meetings, use this method.

    Grant partial/selected access.

    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Click on Calendar.
    3. On the top bar menu, click on Share Calendar. MSO10_Share_2
    4. Click on the To field and then select the user you wish to be able to view your selected folder and then click on OK. MSO10_Share_3
    5. Click on Send.
    6. Click on Yes when the Permissions window pops up.
    Note:Once you have granted this access, the other party will need to open your shared resource in their Outlook. Please refer to this Knowledgebase Article: How do I open another person's Calendar or other folders in Outlook 2010?

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