E-Commerce means that the client is using their website to accept orders online. These orders can be for products or services. As you will discover, many of the sites we list as E-Commerce / Online Store customers will also be found under dynamic content / interactive websites. This is because a successful E-Commerce website is user friendly and invites the customer to interact with the company.

We discovered early on in our website development business that, although customers enjoy the convenience of 24/7 online shopping, they are also very interested in knowing there are "people" behind the website. We encourage our clients to keep it personal. Many of our clients originally had actual store fronts, by continuing the same type of marketing they used to make their physical store front successful via emails, newsletters and online interaction, they have been able to reach a much larger audience but still maintain their reputations of being "a fun place to shop where each customer is made to feel special." Learn more about having an online store.

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