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  • Traditional Design

    The tools of  "website building, design and development" are continually evolving. As a company we make it a priority to keep our toolbox stocked with the most up-to-date and cost competitive tools that will meet the needs of our clients.

    As truly small business consultants, we also work hard to guide our customers on when embracing the latest technology is necessary. Depending on a client's business, the newest technology is not always necessary. We work with them to discuss who their target market is, how that customer will shop and how their website will be used.

    Though we build almost all new websites in the latest technology, and have even lead some of our long time clients to upgrade their websites to the latest technology, this is not necessary for every client. It's all about the potential return on investment. We work with our clients to determine if the extra cost of changing the platform their website is built on is going to bring them additional revenue. In many cases, adding new "bells and whistles" such as newsletter capabilities, site editing tools, image galleries and slide shows, "members only" sections of their website or advanced forms will enhance their relationships with new and existing clients - in those cases an upgrade is a worthy investment.

    However, for some clients, their business and their customers do not requre this extra expense. In this category you will find clients who's websites are built using what we call "traditional" technology - and it still serves them well.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    These are clients that have signed up for our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing services. As part of the process, we take eachwebsite and make the necessary changes to prepare (optimize) the website for the key word phrase (or phrases) the client has chosen to focus on with each SEO Package they purchase.

    When optimizing a site we not only make sure that their page titles and meta tags are in place, we review and revise content on as many pages as we feel necessary to include all of the elements that create a search engine optimized website.

    Each Client gets a report card on the pages we are optimizing prior to the optimization and then an updated report after the optimization.

  • Build Your Own Website Clients

    These clients are using our Better Website Do It Yourself Website Building tools. Some of our "Do It Yoursel-ers" hired us do the initial design of their website using our Build Your Own Website Tools  to achieve a truly custom look and feel before taking over the full management of their website. Others have built their entire website without any assistance for us outside of our online tutorials. Although we no longer offer custom designs using these Build Your Own Website tools, we continue to support the product because, if you follow the guidelines in our tutorials and use the tools to their fullest, you can create a highly successful search engine friendly website yourself without knowing any HTML. If you are a more advanced user you can add PayPal Buy Now buttons, integrate Google Analytics and much more by using site add-ons and the "custom html" tool.

    Although any "templated" website will have some limitations, our do it yourself clients tell us that the money they save, and the control they have over maintaining their website and keeping content fresh, is worth the sacrifice.

    If you are comfortable creating Microsof Word or Publisher documents you will probably enjoy building your own website using the our Better Website Builders Tool Box. Get a 30 day free trial of our Do It Yourself Website Builder.

  • Interactive / Dynamic Content - Advanced

    When a client comes to us wanting a website that is professional, offers customized form/data collection tools, newsletters and other content that requires an advanced database driven environment we recommend building their site on a software foundation called "Joomla!". Starting with Joomla! (a free open source software) we can create a robust, fully customized website for our client that allows them as much (or as little) access to manage content and customer data as they want.

    This foundation allows us to create multiple layers of front-end and/or back-end access for multiple users. Depending on the clients short and long term goals we will use this software and then add our own custom code to make it do what the client wants.

    Building a website using this structure insures that our clients will never outgrow their website and need to "start from scratch" again.

  • ECommerce / Online Stores

    E-Commerce means that the client is using their website to accept orders online. These orders can be for products or services. As you will discover, many of the sites we list as E-Commerce / Online Store customers will also be found under dynamic content / interactive websites. This is because a successful E-Commerce website is user friendly and invites the customer to interact with the company.

    We discovered early on in our website development business that, although customers enjoy the convenience of 24/7 online shopping, they are also very interested in knowing there are "people" behind the website. We encourage our clients to keep it personal. Many of our clients originally had actual store fronts, by continuing the same type of marketing they used to make their physical store front successful via emails, newsletters and online interaction, they have been able to reach a much larger audience but still maintain their reputations of being "a fun place to shop where each customer is made to feel special." Learn more about having an online store.

  • Interactive / Dynamic Content - Basic

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